Yoga: An art, a science, a devotion.


Yoga is a mindful exploration of one's space, internal and external. It is a practice that is deeply personal and one that opens itself infinitely, both constant and evolving in its nature. To yoke, or to yuj, completely with all that surrounds and all that fills the individual, yoga is a uniting of the self with all of the Universe, but it is not a religion nor need it be focused in its spiritual disciplines.


Yoga asana and vinyasa, the flowing movement of one posture to the next that is so popular today, is only one branch of the eight limbs of yoga. To tap into the full benefits of yoga, one also practices breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation and sense withdrawal. The yamas and niyamas are ten codes of behavior which ask the invidividual to honestly examine his mind and actions so that he may move in the world with grace and consideration for the good of all that inhabit the Earth.


Benefits of yoga include greater mental clarity, flexibility in both body and mind, a calmer and steadier heart, healthier functioning systems (i.e. digestive, cardiovascular, emotional), pain relief, a lighter spirit, longer and leaner muscles, more open joints, increased range of motion, and so much more.



Types of Instruction Offered


Private Instruction (One-on-One , Couples or Small-Group Instruction) is an excellent option for anyone who prefers a personal, focused and quickly effective approach to their practice, or for a person who just feels more comfortable in the privacy of their own home or vacation suite. It is a safe and nurturing environment for beginners to be introduced slowly and gently to the philosophies and basics of yoga. Begin the consultation process now.


One-on-One Introductory Packages are for clients who are experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia or other conditions. This is perfect for individuals who have tried or are trying traditional medicine and would like to try another, holistic approach to their health. Including an initial consultation, we will meet to discuss what you are experiencing and how you can invite certain exercises, meditations, breathing techniques and lifestyle changes into your life for greater ease and healing. Go home with a routine. This alsoso includes a follow up session. The consultation and follow up sessions can be done via skype or phone. Begin the process now.


Athletes and clients with injuries or special concerns also benefit greatly from personalized, therapeutic sessions designed to meet their specific needs or goals.  After a dynamic day on the mountain, the golf course, the road, or the river, private instruction targets the needs of the individual to restore and open the body and mind to enhance performance and recovery.  More information..



Outdoor Yoga is an opportunity for families, friends and colleagues to either explore yoga for the very first time in a welcoming setting or to approach their practice from a fresh perspective.  Each experience is unique and specifically tailored by Ashley and the liason ahead of time to create a truly special moment. The options are endless but include outdoor stationary classes, nature yoga hikes, picnics, etc. Learn more or schedule your class today! 


Dreammaker Yoga for Weddings and Special Gatherings provides an opportunity to reconnect with the true meaning of the sacred moments of our lives.  With the extensive planning and pressures that can accompany weddings, new babies and other pivotal points in our lives, inviting yoga in can create a space to remember what our commitments and transitions truly mean.  Welcome your loved ones to join you in a class that you co-create for your special day with themes, postures, poems, and music that carry signficance to you.  Consult with Ashley about including yoga on your wedding day, bachelorette, bridal or baby shower



Corporate yoga classes bring wellness and health into the work environment. Classes offered during the work day, or at lunch, are held in the work place to offer employees and employers alike an opportunity to practice yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation so that they may return to their work refreshed and revived. Yoga classes are also the perfect balancing addition to corporate outtings or retreats. Either daily or a single session, yoga teaches students tension reducing techniques and simple, memorable exercises she can bring into her daily life. Learn how you can bring health to your employees and clients!


For more information about the benefits of yoga, corporate, group or private instruction in Tahoe and Truckee, CA, or studios to join in Buenos Aires, the US, or other international locations, please email Ashley directly at: